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Somerset County Maine

Somerset County Jail has developed a Jail Farm plan with the following goals:

    • Expand the jails storage capability for locally grown food products
      • Additional freezer space
      • Additional dry goods/potato storage
    • Set up an apple orchard using existing tree stock
    • Set up a blueberry patch
    • Continue with the Pig Program
      • Utilization of kitchen waste
      • Improve growing capability of land via composting, pig tractor system, and utilization of Skowhegan State Fair waste
      • DSC01269
The Jail Farm falls under the Maine Family Farm rules.  In addition to following these rules the facility farm is inspected annually by the State Veterinarian Office as well as local Animal Control Officers.  The Jail Farm is also registered with the USDA.  

Somerset county Jail has raised a total of 31 pigs in a pig tractor system to provide the following:

  • Provide 2 for 1 work for inmates
  • Improve the land
  • Augment the Jail's Food Service Budget with ground meats
23 of the pigs have been slaughtered and provided 7800 pounds of ground meat, which if purchased at current cost would cost the jail $15,000. The costs of the pigs, building the pig tractor, and additional feed is $3500 resulting in a savings to the Jail Food Budget of $11,500.

Thank You
We'd like to give a special thank you to the Herrings Brothers from Guilford, Maine for making this possible.
Items growing in the Greenhouse which is maintained by the Outside Inmate Work Crew


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