Registry of Deeds

Somerset County

Registry of Deeds

The Deeds Office plays a crucial role in preserving the county’s heritage and facilitating real estate transactions with efficiency and accuracy.

Our Services:

  • Recordings: We welcome property recordings from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our dedicated staff ensures that each document is meticulously processed, preserving the integrity of vital information for generations to come.
  • Research Opportunities: Unlock the doors to Somerset County’s history by exploring our extensive research resources. The Registry of Deeds is open for research from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Delve into the past, trace property lineages, and gain insights into the county’s evolving landscape.
  • Expert Assistance: Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate professional or a first-time property owner, we’re dedicated to providing guidance and support for all your deed-related inquiries.

Get in Touch:
Feel free to reach out to our team for any assistance or information you may need. We’re here to serve you and contribute to the vibrant history of Somerset County.

Physical Address:
Superior Courthouse
41 Court Street
1st Floor
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Registry of Deeds Frequently Asked Questions

Transfer Tax is
$2.20 per $500.00 of sale price or value
All amounts must be rounded up to the nearest $500.00.

How to calculate:
Example 1.

Home sells for $146,987.00
Round up to 147,000. divide by 500.
multiply by 2.20 = $646.80 Transfer tax due

Example 2.

Value of property is $52,261.00
Transfer is not exempt. Round up to $52,500.
Divide by 500. multiply by 2.20 = $231.00 Transfer tax due

Example 3.

Sale price is $87,654.00
Grantor is exempt tax based on law.
Round up to $88,000.00, divide by 500.
Multiply by $1.10 = $193.60 Tax due

(Amount is always rounded up to nearest $500.00)

Maine Revenue Services Transfer Tax Page

  • $22.00 – 1st Page (includes $3.00 surcharge)
  • $2.00 – each additional page
  • Towns & State are Surcharge Exempt ($19.00 – 1st page)
  • Documents with more than 4 names to index counting all Grantor and Grantee require an additional charge of $1.00 per name. (AKA’S, DBA’S, FKA’S, Trustees, Trusts, Devisees, & Partners)
  • If more than 1 marginal reference is required and additional charge of $13.00 per reference is required. 
  • Paper size can be no larger than 8 1/2″ by 14″ with a 2″ clean top margin on 1st page and 1″ on all others. 
  • $24.00 (includes $3.00 surcharge)
  • Must be rolled not folded
  • Over 4 Name & additional reference fee listed above also apply to Plans
  • Plan Size – Minimum 11” X 17” Maximum 24” X 36”
  • Plan must also adhere to Maine Title 33 SEC 652 and all subsections.
  • Photocopy Fees: $1.00 per page – Plans $5.00 each.
  • Attestation: $5.00 per document, plus $1.00 per copy
  • Faxing: $2.00 per page.
  • Mail Fees:  Rounded to the nearest $0.50 

The Maine Registers of Deeds Association publishes the document recording requirements. 

View Document Recording Requirements (PDF)

Last Updated: May 20, 2024 


Office Manager

Deputy Register

Arlene Demo 


All records in the registry can be searched by name, date, document number or book (volume) and page number. You may come to the registry and use a public terminal research documents. If you need help in using any of the computers or any other equipment in the Registry of Deeds, please ask for assistance. 

Our online web search has documents from 1956 to present. Visit our Registry of Deeds then click Somerset County on the map.

All records at the Registry are filed by grantor/grantee name and are assigned a volume and page number. The municipal Assessor can give the name and/or book and page reference if you provide a physical address or map/lot number.

The only way to add or remove a name on a deed is to have a new deed recorded. Once a document is recorded, it cannot be altered. In order to protect your legal interests, we strongly suggest that you contact an attorney to have this done for you.

Not all deeds have surveys that accompany them. If your property is part of a subdivision or development, a survey is probably available and we will help you locate it. If a former owner had the property surveyed, we will show you how to use the plan index to locate it.

Once an original document has been recorded, it remains a part of the title history and is never removed. If a lien is subsequently paid and the discharge is filed with us for recording, then a search of the records will show that the lien has been satisfied.

If you have problems concerning a credit report, the state of Maine, Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection's telephone number is toll free 1-800-332-8529.

If you have any questions relative to the type of document and what effect it has, you should consult with an attorney. The Registry of Deeds' staff is not qualified to search records, interpret documents, explain their purpose, help fill out forms, supply forms, or explain legal procedures. We suggest that you contact an attorney for legal questions.

Please feel free to call Somerset Registry of Deeds at 207-474-3421 to ask for assistance.

Any transaction pertaining to real estate would be recorded here. This includes deeds, mortgages, real estate tax liens, federal liens, discharges, some court documents, UCC's, surveys and other like documents.

No, in Maine all assessing is done at the municipal level. You will need to contact the town where the property is located.

The State of Maine Revenue Services provides these forms. You can get a hard copy by calling 207-624-5600.

You can get it online at State Transfer Tax Form

Use the Purchase Price or Market Value used in box 6. on Transfer Tax Form.

Round up to the nearest 500.00. Divide by 500.00 and multiple by 2.20. This amount is the tax due.

example: purchase price is $126,350.00. Round up to $126,500.00 ÷ 500.00 x 2.20= $556.60 tax due.

There are a few very specific exemptions from Transfer Tax. They can be found in Maine Law.

Use the following link:
Title 36 sec 4641C