Judicial Marshall

Judicial Marshall

Somerset County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Judicial Marshall

 Department: Sheriff’s Department                 Office Hours: Varies/Part-Time

 Deputy Judicial Marshal

Starting Salary: $18.20

General Summary:

This is responsible work involved in providing for the safety and security of judges and justices, court staff, jurors, witnesses, other court participants, and the general public. Deputy Judicial Marshals work in an environment often charged with intense emotion and conflict and must be able to move quickly and effectively from observation of routine activity to direct physical contact and confrontation. The assigned sergeant provides daily on-site direction. The presiding judge/justice provides direction during the course of legal proceedings. Deputy Judicial Marshals provide the first line of defense for the court system when assigned to the duties of entry screening.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Serves as judicial marshal for the Court, undertaking security arrangements for each court day and session as needed. During court proceedings, remains strategically stationed, alert, and responsive to any security risk.
  • Observes all persons entering the courtroom, their movement, and their activities.
  • Limits access to the bench and other restricted areas.
  • Assists within the courtroom with the orderly flow of paperwork between the judge/justice, clerk’s office, defendants, and other participants. Assists with the movement of evidence as requested.
  • Patrols and maintains a presence in public areas of court facilities as assigned.
  • In Superior Court, assumes additional role of providing general security for jury pools, jurors, and witnesses as required.
  • Responds to any security risk as appropriate.
  • Performs daily security checks of the court facility, which includes courtrooms, clerks’ offices, chambers, and support spaces such as conference rooms, restrooms, public and private circulation space, etc.
  • Prepares the courtroom for trial, including monitoring lighting, adjusting environmental controls, checking audio and video equipment, providing fresh water, and checking that adequate forms and other supplies are available.
  • Checks and tests alarm systems; monitors electronic consoles when assigned.
  • Maintains Courthouse Emergency Plans in primary assignment location, including the plans for detention area security, where applicable.
  • Assists for emergency disaster planning and evacuations.
  • Directs persons to building locations and provides information on court schedules and proceedings as authorized.
  • Ensures that all parties are present and ready prior to the entrance of the presiding judge/justice into the courtroom.
  • Announces the opening, recess, and closing of each court session.
  • Enforces proper courtroom decorum, including seating arrangements, as directed by policy and/or the presiding judge/justice.
  • Conducts entry screening as required based on Judicial Branch policy and/or direction of supervisor.
  • Participates in high risk trial planning and scheduling, threat assessment, and special details as required.
  • Assumes brief interim custody of a person at the direction of the judge/justice for prompt transfer to the proper custodial officials only when absolutely necessary.
  • Escorts defendants to the Clerk’s area for fine payment or form processing.
  • Completes tasks as assigned related to court process related projects as approved and assigned by the Office of Judicial Marshal Services.
  • Locates and verifies the status of arrest warrants and files.
  • Places an offender in custody when a court order or state law is violated in the presence of the Deputy Judicial Marshal.
  • Writes and files incident case reports, arrest reports, etc., for each case handled during the shift.
  • Conducts routine courthouse safety inspections.
  • Maintains all issued equipment at an approved level of serviceability.
  • Assists all court personnel with security issues as needed.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs other duties as required.

The above list is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees in this classification. A position may not be assigned all the duties listed, nor do the listed examples include all the duties that may be assigned.

Minimum Education/Skills/Experience/Training Required to be Considered for Employment:

  • Graduation from high school (or GED).
  • Have successfully completed the Maine Criminal Justice Academy Pre-Service Law Enforcement Training program.
  • Ability to communicate orally, clearly, and concisely.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written communications.
  • Ability to interact effectively with judges/justices, other court staff, attorneys, and the general public in a variety of situations and circumstances.
  • Ability to remain composed in stressful situations; ability to react quickly and appropriately; and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other law enforcement agencies and members of the public.
  • Knowledge of and ability to effectively use crisis interaction skills.
  • Knowledge of and ability to use restraint and defensive tactics.
  • Ability to conform to all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the Office of Judicial Marshals, including such policies and procedures regarding infectious disease exposure control.
  • Ability to walk, sit and/or stand for extended periods throughout the day; ability to concentrate and apply other cognitive, intellectual, and mental functions, and ability to address and handle a wide variety of human relations issues.
  • Physical and mental ability to oversee the safety of all participants during the court process and ability to react quickly to any emergency.
  • Physical ability to respond quickly from a sedentary position to emergency situations that may involve intense physical activity. This activity may include physical restraint or defensive physical maneuvers.
  • Successfully complete the required application process. The application process includes submission of required fingerprint cards and authorization for rigorous background check and reference checks, including verification of education, experience, and criminal and motor vehicle record checks.
  • Must be eligible to obtain a Maine driver’s license.

Preferred Education/Skills/Experience/Training to be Considered for Employment:

  • Have qualified with an Agency issued firearm in accordance with Agency Policy and Maine Criminal Justice Academy standards.
  • Have and maintain certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Additional Skills/Experience/Training Required to Adequately Perform Job Duties:

  • Be eligible for certification as a Judicial Marshal through the Maine Criminal Justice Academy or successfully complete the Basic Maine Judicial Marshals Training Program within one year of employment.
  • Have qualified with an Agency issued firearm in accordance with Agency Policy and Maine Criminal Justice Academy standards.
  • Have and maintain certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information discretely.
  • Knowledge and ability to operate security devices, alarm systems, and communication equipment.
  • Knowledge of Courthouse Emergency Plans in all assigned court locations, including the plans for detention area security, where applicable.
  • Knowledge of court procedures, legal documents, and legal processes.
  • Maintain certification as a Judicial Marshal through the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.

Tools and Equipment Used:

  • Personal computer, including word processing and specialized software, law enforcement radio, telephone, calculator, fax machine, copy machine, firearm, handcuffs, metal detector, x-ray screening machine, and first aid equipment.

Physical and Mental Demands: (included but not limited to)

Physical and mental ability to perform tasks in an office or courtroom environment requiring frequent and/or sustained periods of standing, sitting, walking; bending; reaching above or below desk level. Vision, dexterity, coordination and cognitive ability sufficient to use telephone, keyboard, computer and other office systems and equipment efficiently. Cognitive, intellectual and mental ability to concentrate on details and/or perform more than one complex task at a time and to handle diverse pressures related to requests and needs of those using court system services. Physical and mental ability to oversee the safety of all participants during the court process and able to react quickly to any emergency. Cognitive and mental ability to work and communicate effectively with co-workers and all levels of court personnel.

Specific Requirements:

Lifting: 25 – 50 pounds with proper body mechanics
Twisting: Infrequent: 1 – 120 per day
Bending: Infrequent: 1 – 120 per day
Squat / kneel: Infrequent: not continuous
Agility: Be able to react quickly with intense physical motion from a stationary position to physically restrain an
individual or to engage in defensive physical contact with an aggressive individual. Be able to lift or move
an individual from a position of danger to one of safety.
Vision: 20 / 20 corrected
Visual Depth: Minimum depth perception requirement
Hearing: Ability to hear a whispered voice at 3 – 8 feet
Color: Discriminate between red, green, and white

The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and the employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.

Resumes will NOT be considered without being accompanied by a Completed Application.

To apply for this job please visit www.somersetcounty-me.org.

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