Video Visitation
Visit an Inmate by Video utilizing Securus Video Visitation from your home computer, your Android Smartphone or Tablet.  Cost is comparable to phone call rates.  Securus for Apple Devices is coming soon.

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Securus Video Visitation
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Citizen Fingerprinting Somerset County
Jail now offers employment fingerprinting (PDF) for Somerset County citizens.

Jail Handbook
The Somerset County Jail Handbook (PDF) is available online. The following Somerset County Jail policies and procedures are provided for your information and do not constitute all of the policies and procedures of Somerset County Jail. Non-confidential policies and procedures can be obtained by writing to the Assistant Jail Administrator. Requestors can expect to pay $.25 per page.

Inmate Mail
Please read the Somerset County Jail mail policy and procedures. Somerset County Jail can no longer accept hand-made cards and hand-made pictures.

Inmate Visit
Please learn more about inmate visits by reading the Somerset County Jail Inmate Visit Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Inmate Telephone
Learn about calling inmates by reading the Inmate Telephone Policy and Procedures (PDF)

Visiting Schedule
Please find out when you are allowed to visit inmates, and find out the rules for your visits by reading our visiting schedule (PDF)

Inmate Telephone Informational Brochure
Look up our Inmate Telephone Informational Brochure (PDF)

Inmate Telephone
Please view Inmate Connect online to find out more about calling inmates.

Correctional Job Application Read our correctional job application.