County Commissioners

Somerset County


The Somerset County Commissioners steer the county towards progress, efficiency, and community well-being. Committed to public service, the Commissioners play a vital role in decision-making, policy formulation, and ensuring the overall success of Somerset County.

Our Commitments:

  • Transparency: We believe in open communication and transparency. Our decisions and actions are guided by a commitment to keeping the community informed.
  • Community Development: Somerset County thrives when its communities flourish. The Commissioners actively work towards initiatives that foster growth, economic development, and an improved quality of life for all residents.
  • Stewardship: We are responsible stewards of public resources, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are utilized efficiently and effectively.

Engage With Us:
We encourage you to be part of the conversation. Share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns with the Commissioners as we work together to build a stronger Somerset County.

While we work on providing you with more detailed information about our initiatives and projects, please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.


Robert Sezak

Commissioner of District 1
Fairfield, Norridgewock


Cyprien Johnson

Commissioner of District 2
Anson, Central Somerset, Highland Plt, Madison, Mercer, New Portland, Northwest Somerset, Smithfield, Starks


Scott Seekins

Commissioner of District 3
Cambridge, Detroit, Harmony, Palmyra, Pittsfield, Ripley, St. Albans


John Alsop

Commissioner of District 4
Cornville, Skowhegan


Joel Stetkis

Commissioner of District 5
Athens, Bingham, Brighton, Canaan, Caratunk, Dennistown, Embden, Hartland, Jackman, Moose River, Moscow, Northeast Somerset, Pleasant Ridge Plt, Seboomook Lake, Solon, The Forks, West Forks